Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery is one of the leading funeral service providers in Evansville, IN. We offer affordable funeral packages among major Evansville funeral homes and provides a wide range of choices to allow families to choose the type of service that’s best suited and meaningful for your loved ones. Our funeral directors and caring staff are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you throughout the entire process. Call (812) 477-5316 for immediate assistance.

What Families Are Saying

If you are looking for the right funeral home in Evansville, IN, then you need to be sure to choose a company that offers the best services in the area. At Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we offer a promise to respect your budget and honor the memories of your loved one.

Evansville Funeral ServiceWe know the range of emotions that you are facing during this challenging time. So, our team is here to listen to your requests so that we can plan a day to match your preferences. Not only do we offer affordable pricing, but we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.

Life is to Be Remembered

A life remembered is a way to show your love for the person you have lost. That family member will stay in the minds and hearts of everyone in attendance if you design the perfect funeral or memorial service. The goal is to create a day that will help attendees cherish the memories that are shared together.

How do we help you preserve the memories? The events in our funeral home are designed to highlight the life of the deceased. We have a Sunset Memories Room, located next to the Visitation Chapel, where memorabilia, videos, and photos can be shared.

This feature makes it easier for attendees to focus on the life that was lived. The goal is to highlight the accomplishments and positive memories, instead of dwelling on the way the person died.

Personalized Funeral Services in Evansville from a Family-Owned Company

You can rest assured to know that you will have a positive experience when you choose the services that are offered by our family-owned company. Choosing a local funeral home means that you will receive the quality attention that you deserve.

Unfortunately, some of the funeral homes in the area are no longer family owned. Large corporations have purchased the companies, while still maintaining the family name to maintain the appearance of local ownership. But, we are committed to the family ownership of our funeral home, and our family has three generations of history in the funeral home industry.

Not only do we take care of the logistics that are needed for the funeral and transportation of the deceased. But, we are also looking for ways that we can take care of your family. This painful loss when a loved one passes away can be a challenge to navigate. So, our team will stay by your side to offer the care and support that you need.

What do funeral home services include?

A traditional funeral home service usually includes a funeral ceremony, viewing of the loved one, and burial at the cemetery. The funeral service is typically held at a funeral home or church where the family will view the deceased. In a funeral service, the family and friends of the loved one will offer prayers and eulogies.

Transparency and Affordable Packages to Match Your Budget

When it comes to the topic of budget, many people are focused on the overall price that will be paid. While it is important to find a low price, you also need to consider other factors that will influence the amount of money that will be spent. Plus, you shouldn’t overlook the quality of services that will be received for the cost of the funeral services.

Transparency is one important factor in the pricing of funeral services. At Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we provide a general price list as well as details about the packages that are offered. This information is available on our website, giving you easy access to the information that you need.

Instead of hiding behind a questionable pricing structure, we are clear about the costs so that you can choose the services that match your budget. You can rest assured to know that the full service will be offered in the package. There is no need to worry about unexpected fees or costs that will be added to the bill in the future.

You have complete control over the amount of money that will be spent. There is no reason to pay for services that you don’t want or need! Instead, stay informed about the details that will be included in your funeral home package. Feel free to talk to us if you need special accommodations or if you would like to request unique services.

24/7 Access to Our Team

No matter the time of day, you need access to a trusted funeral home when your loved one passes away. We offer daytime, nighttime, and weekend services to ensure that you can reach our team 24-hours a day.

When you call, the phone will be answered by an industry expert. During regular office hours, we have staff members who answer the phones and are trained to help with your questions and logistics. After hours, an answering service that specializes in the funeral industry is always available. Every phone call is handled with the highest level of compassion and care.

When you are planning a funeral in Evansville, IN, then you need to talk to an experienced team in the area: Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery. Visit our funeral home to view the location that is available: 1800 St George Rd, Evansville, IN 47711. Or call: (812) 477-5316

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • Do you offer affordable funeral options?
    • Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery offers a Lower Cost Funeral for at-need families. Our Traditional Funeral with Metal Casket & Mausoleum Chapel Service is just $4,490. Families are able to use their Medicaid spend down with this package. This is an Immediate Need only plan, which means that the package is not available for pre-selling unless it’s a spend down. Learn More.
  • Does Sunset Funeral Home offer low cost cremation?
    • Yes, we have the lowest cremation price among major Evansville funeral homes and we offer Free Permanent Burial of the ashes in our new Sunset Cremation Garden. We also offer the largest selection of cremation choices anywhere, including lawn areas, cremation benches, mausoleum niches, and distinguished and personal granite selections.
  • How much does a burial package cost?
    • Sunset Funeral Home is offering a Lower Cost Burial Package with two options for at-need families starting at $1790 that allow for burial in our Garden of Peace, with a committal service in the Chapel of Peace Mausoleum in the same section of the cemetery. Learn more here.