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Free Burial of Cremated Remains

Call us at (812) 477-5316 to make an appointment for free permanent placement of your loved one’s ashes in Sunset’s Cremation Garden. It’s just that simple.

We’re providing this service for free you don’t have to worry about where to store your loved one’s ashes. Don’t feel guilty about leaving remains in a cardboard box in the back of a closet–place them for free in our beautiful garden.

We’ve all heard sad stories about people losing a family member’s remains during a move or — surprising as this might sound — even having them stolen from a home or vehicle. (Yes, that actually happens.)

If you’ve had a container with remains gathering dust for a while, there’s no reason to wait any longer. Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form below to make an appointment with one of our Cremation Specialists.

Again, there’s absolutely no cost for this service. This space is specifically reserved for you and everyone else in the community who wants a permanent placement for a loved one’s remains, whether or not you used Sunset for the cremation. Yes, seriously–even if you haven’t used Sunset for any service. Learn more from real families who have used this free service by watching the videos on the right.

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    Not Sure What To Do With Your Loved One's Ashes?




    • It’s not a closet.
    • It’s not a garage.
    • It’s not an attic.

    If you've been wondering what to do with the cremated remains of a loved one . . .

    If you have an urn — or perhaps just a plastic box — of ashes gathering dust on a shelf for years now…

    If you've always wanted a special place for a loved one's remains but were not sure you can afford it…

    Cremation box

    We Can Help. Call (812) 477-5316.

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