Floral Decoration Guidelines

Download a PDF of our Floral Decoration Guidelines here.

Our many visitors often ask about Sunset’s rules regarding grave decorations. We have developed a set of rules that consider all the important factors relating to grave decorations. Our regulations consider the appearance of the park and the safety of our visitors and staff. If a decoration is found not to conform to the established rules and regulations, we will strive to notify immediate family members. We do not immediately discard non-conforming decorations. We place the item in our service area for the family to pick up.  However, because of the large number of decorations, any item that has been taken off a grave or crypt and has not been retrieved by the family within 30 days of removal will be discarded.

To make sure all decorations reach the immediate family, please put a name tag and phone number on your flowers for easy identification and pick-up. Decorations that become unsightly or weathered will be removed on a regular basis for the appearance of the cemetery. Artificial and live flowers must be placed in permanent vases. No planting of any kind on or around a grave is permitted and will be removed immediately. In addition, glass objects, Shepard’s hooks, statues, stones, and any décor not purchased through the cemetery or placed in a permanent vase are dangerous and not allowed.

November 1 to March 1:

All decorations, wreaths, grave blankets, and flowers placed during the fall and winter season will be removed as soon as weather permits after March 1. If you wish to save your decorations, please tag and remove them before March 1.

January 1 to December 31:

Holiday/Special Occasions:

Sunset will not replace missing vases, plastic vases, or vases damaged by freezing.

We recognize the following holidays during the mowing season: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and July 4. Decorations, including flags, will be permitted three days before and three days after the holiday. Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. will be considered upon notification to the office. If notice is not received, it will be removed before the next mowing. Following a burial service, flowers brought to the cemetery will be removed from the grave three days after burial.

Mausoleum Guidelines:

Baby Gardens:

Artificial flowers are preferred for the mausoleum. Floral arrangements may only be placed on crypt fronts or niches and only in authorized vases permanently attached to the crypt or niche front. No tape or glue of any kind can be used on the crypt or niche. Any placement of flowers in other containers or methods of attachment will damage the crypt or niche. Sunset is not responsible for damage caused by visitors attempting to attach decorations to crypt or niche fronts. Decorations will remain until they become unsightly or out of season. If you need assistance placing flowers in a vase attached to a crypt or niche front, cemetery personnel will be glad to help you at no charge. A device is kept inside the chapel to assist you in decorating the upper levels.

The same decoration rules will be applied to all baby gardens. The spaces are so compact that these gardens cannot be easily mowed therefore, it is especially important that all decorations be restricted to permanent vases.

Memorial benches, Memorial trees, and Memorial flower beds are available through the cemetery office. Special rules do apply. See a counselor for details.

Vase Policy

Ground Vases:

  • The cemetery is not responsible for missing vases, stolen vases, or vases damaged due to vandalism.

  • The cemetery is not responsible for vases cracked due to winter freezing.

  • Vases damaged by mowers and other equipment will be replaced by the cemetery

Mausoleum Vases:

  • The cemetery is not responsible for missing vases, stolen vases, or vases damaged due to vandalism.

  • The cemetery is not responsible for damaged vases due to hanging heavy objects from the vase, which the vases were not designed to handle, such as wreaths, crosses, and other large decorations.

Purchasing A Vase:

Vases can be purchased at the cemetery office on an (at cost) basis for replacements.

Stolen Vases:

Stolen vases may be covered by the patron’s Homeowner’s Insurance. Check with your insurance agent.

If you would like more information on our Floral Placement program which allows you to choose bouquets to be placed by us at certain times during the year, please click here. You’ll also find information on ordering flowers and gifts.

Thank you for your help in keeping our cemetery beautiful.

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