Learn Why Evansville Families Choose Sunset

for Affordable Funeral & Cremation Services

Reason #1 - Funerals Are Easier at Sunset

At Sunset. . .

We make everything as easy as possible.

There is no need to drive all over Evansville.

We have options for families choosing cremation.

All services can be in one day if you prefer.

We have a dedicated Sunset support team.

Reason #2 - Sunset Specializes in Personalized Services

At Sunset. . .

Events reflect your loved one's unique identity.

Our events feel more like a reunion or informal party.

Celebrate their life in our Memories Room.

We have a massive music library to choose from.

We offer free webcasting of every service.

Reason #3 - Our Support for Your Family

At Sunset. . .

Our support for your family starts the moment you call us.

We provide urgent care for your loved one and your family.

We'll help you plan whatever type of goodbye works for you.

Choose a funeral, gathering or celebration of life.

We'll help you navigate the next steps after your loss.

Reason #4 - Sunset Doesn't Feel Like a Typical Funeral Home

At Sunset. . .

Take your time and reconnect with family and friends.

Funerals feel like attending a reunion or informal party.

We have an open floor plan and contemporary furnishings.

Plus, aromatherapy, music, Starbucks, and snacks.

Visit with loved ones in our Sunset Memories Room.

Reason #5 - Sunset's Cremation Options & Support

At Sunset. . .

Half of Sunset families choose cremation.

We have a wide selection of cremation merchandise.

Cemetery options, water release at Lake Sunset.

We have a free cremation garden.

We have strict security procedures.

Reason #6 - Your Family is in Control

At Sunset. . .

It's our job to support your decisions.

Transparent pricing puts you in control.

Family participation is welcome.

We offer creative suggestions.

We manage the details, so you can celebrate life.

Reason #7 - Sunset's Caring Staff

At Sunset. . .

Our caring staff makes the difference.

Your feedback is always welcome.

Our growth means we are always looking for caring people to join our staff.

Check out our Careers page.

Your One Place for a Better Funeral.

Your One Place for a Better Funeral