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The Everything Cremation Guide gives you a better understanding of your choices when you choose cremation.

For instance, you can be embalmed for a traditional service and then cremated—and then the ashes can be buried. Or, you might choose a cremation bench, mausoleum niche, water burial, or take-home selections like jewelry and other keepsakes.

This Guide informs families of the hundreds of choices available at Sunset, many of which are unavailable elsewhere in our area.

Sunset Cremation Guide

You Have Options

If you have questions about cremation, we created The Everything Cremation Guide just for you. This free download reveals there is much more than choosing between ground burial or cremation. You’ll learn that cremation offers surprising flexibility, including creative, affordable, and very personal ways to customize it.

Funeral & Cemetery

The decision to be cremated is just the first step in your end-of-life planning. Did you know you can have a traditional funeral, followed by cremation? Or that you can have cremation, followed by a memorial service? And you can have direct cremation followed by a water release?

Take Home Selections

Even if you select permanent placement in the cemetery or in a mausoleum niche, you can also keep a portion to design jewelry or keepsakes for yourself and for your family. Did you know that keepsakes can be created whether a cremation has just occurred, or you have existing ashes that you aren’t sure what to do with?

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