Sunset Funeral Home in Evansville provides a wide range of simple cremation choices that allow you to choose the type of service that you find most meaningful for your loved ones. We offer the lowest cremation price among major Evansville funeral homes and we offer free permanent burial of the ashes in our new Sunset Cremation Garden. Call us today at (812) 477-5316 to discuss the best options for you and your loved ones.

What Families Are Saying

It is easy to see why families are often choosing cremations over traditional burials. While there are pros and cons to both services, cremations provide more flexibility for the memorial and the final resting place. If you need to schedule a cremation in Evansville, IN, then the best thing that you can do is contact an experienced funeral home.

At Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we offer more than basic funeral services. Our team is always here to customize your plan based on the requests of the family. We understand that some families prefer cremation over a casket burial. So, we provide a variety of cremation packages to match your needs.

Common Concerns about Simple Cremations in Evansville, Indiana

If you don’t know a lot about cremations, then it is understandable that you have concerns about this service. Instead of assuming that you need to stick with a traditional funeral, we invite you to talk to our team about your concerns.

Evansville Cremation ServicePricing is a question that often comes up. Why do some funeral homes charge so much for a basic cremation? When funeral homes are corporate-owned, it increases the prices of all of the services that are provided. At Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we are a family-owned funeral home that offers the lowest prices for cremations in the Evansville area.

Just because you choose cremation, doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opportunity to say goodbye. You can have a private farewell in our funeral home to share a tender moment with close family members. Or, you might choose a public visitation if you want other people to be in attendance.

There are other concerns that you might face with cremation, such as choosing a location for the memorial or the best way to lay the ashes to rest. You are invited to contact our team any time so that you can find the right answers to these important questions. We are always happy to answer your questions and assist in the right funeral plan for your family.

What happens to the body before cremation?

The body is taken from the place of death and delivered to the funeral home. Then the body is prepared to be contained in a proper container to be moved to a cremation chamber. After the cremation, the metal remains from the ashes are removed to prepare the ashes of the deceased. The ashes are now placed in an urn and given to the family.

What Should You Do with the Cremated Ashes from Cremation in Evansville?

Now that the cremation is over and you have received the ashes, what is the next step? There isn’t a right or wrong answer that dictates the way the ashes should be handled. These ashes can be stored in a memorial urn in your home. Or, you can scatter the ashes if that matches the preferences of the family.

Too often, people schedule a cremation without considering how the ashes will be handled after the service is complete. At Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we offer a variety of options to assist with this decision.

You can select a cremation lot in a cemetery, a niche in a mausoleum, or create a scattering garden at a private estate. We also offer water burial if you prefer, with biodegradable urns that ensure environmental protection.

If you want to take the ashes home, then you can look at the many memorial urns that we offered. Or, talk to us about glass art or cremation jewelry that can be created with the ashes.

Can I Schedule a Memorial with the Cremation?

Contrary to popular assumptions, it is common for families to plan a memorial in addition to the cremation. In fact, cremation allows many more types of memorialization choices compared to a traditional burial.

A memorial is the gathering of friends and family to share memories and thoughts about the deceased. Often this event is held in a funeral home, church, or other location of your choice. At the same time, we can also assist with memorialization. You have the option to choose burial of the urn, placing the ashes in a vault, or customizing the final resting place in an outdoor location.

If you wish, we can also schedule a funeral service with the body present before the cremation. Having a funeral instead of a memorial will allow you to have the casket in the room, either opened or closed. Often, a closed casket is the appropriate service before cremation. But, you can choose an open casket if you select embalming and other preparation tasks that are needed.

Why You Should Consider Pre-Planning

Pre-planning is an option so that you can choose how you want to be memorialized. Do you love the idea of sparing your family from the common stress that is experienced when planning a funeral? Then pre-planning is the right solution. Talk to our team, and we can walk you through the details that will reduce the burden on your family in the future.

For more information about funeral home services and cremations in Evansville, IN, you need to schedule a consultation with us at Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery. Visit our location to see the facilities that we provide: 1800 St George Rd, Evansville, IN 47711. Or call to schedule an appointment: (812) 477-5316

Cremation FAQs

What is Cremation? 

  • Cremation, simply put, is reducing the body to ashes. Once the cremation is complete, the “remains” can be placed in an urn and buried, placed in a vault, or you can customize your cremation in almost any way you choose.

If Someone Is Cremated, Can There Be A Funeral Service With The Body Present?

  • Yes, many families have a traditional service before a cremation takes place. If you wish to have a service, a casket may be open or closed. A closed casket is appropriate for service prior to cremation. If the family wishes an open casket, embalming and other preparation are required.

Can A Funeral Home Assist Me With Social Security Benefits And Veteran Death Benefits?

Yes. In fact, we will do more than just assist you with securing these benefits. Our staff is trained to complete all necessary paperwork to begin the benefits process and to follow through to ensure that the benefits are secured in a timely manner.