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William Bennett Supper

June 8, 1992 - May 28, 2023


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    David Wells says

    Okay, I will get the ball rolling with a few snippets. I will reserve most of my thoughts for a later time, but here are a few “greatest hits” that will NEVER leave my ming and heart.
    Few beyond family will know this, but from a very young age, Bennett aspired to be a Sanitation Worker. “It would be so fun to ride on the back of those trucks!” I personally think he would have excelled in that profession.
    Introducing himself to a cousin ( I believe it was Ethan Jackson) “I’m Bennett Supper Good Boy!”
    His endearing pronunciation and worship of his “Cranpa”.
    “I spend most of my time staring up at the sky!” His response to being asked how he liked football practice. Bennett was a big, strong guy, but I have always thought of him like “Gentle Ben”. He certainly had the ability, but never the desire to harm anyone – which got his ass kicked a bit in football!
    Spiky blond tips – the envy of every 9 or 10 year old. No idea why, but it was.
    “Skunk Boy”. You can’t make this stuff up! It seems a skunk family moved into the crawlspace of the Supper household, and over time, they became immune to the malodorous stench. His classmates did not.
    “Beans”. Does anything really need to be said here?
    “Molly is 29 years old, can you believe it?” Bennett of course, was speaking of his Mom’s geriatric beagle, who in all honesty, COULD be that old. However, Bennett was also well known for “embellishing” a story to make it better.
    “I have the flattest feet” NOT an embellishment, as he held up a foot the size of a canoe and proceeded to show me the biggest, fattest, Fred Flinstone foot I have ever seen in my life.
    That laugh. If you never heard it, you truly missed out. If you did, you know what I’m talking about.
    These little outtakes are just a small sampling of the memories and moments of a sweet, funny, loving kid, who became a sweet, funny, loving man. I will address Bennett the adult another time, as I feel there is so much to be said to celebrate (and mourn) my nephew, but I do hope this brings back a few memories.
    I leave you with this snippet, which was relayed to me by Amy – “Goodbye, fried cheese!” Bennett’s ability to find humor in most any situation was a true gift.

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    Cindy Barnett says

    Bennet was my 2nd cousin. I babysat and lived next door to him in my early teen years when he was a small child and then again when he and his sister Olivia were still children and I was about 16/17. He and I had so many fun times together and he always knew how to make me laugh. Teenage years are hard, but I always looked forward to babysitting him and Olivia. He will always be a special part of our family and special to me. I will always hear in my head, that little voice saying “Bennet Supper Good Boy”!

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    Michelle olmsted says

    So sorry to hear of this news. I only met will once but he was very kind and very funny. What stuck out the most was his bond he had with my brother Chris. Even though we didn’t truly know you, we know how great of a man you where in helping Chris and others. Praying for you all during this time.

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      Amy Supper says

      Thank you so much Michelle. We love Chris-I call him my “other son”. He stopped by this morning just to give me a big hug because he knew I was struggling. They had such a fun friendship♥️

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    Melanie Tapp says

    I’ll always remember Bennett as kind, and thoughtful. From childhood to adulthood, he was always willing to help. Even though he was my cousin, my favorite memories are from babysitting him and Olivia. That’s when you really get to have fun, when the parents are gone! One time I suggested we make brownies or a treat for Amy and that became a tradition, he made sure we surprised her with something we’d done together every time. Cooking, cleaning, learning sight words… he thought he it was so cool to surprise her. Olivia was little and wanted to play, and Bennett always obliged. I’ll never forget the time he BEGGED me to take the cash from him GIANT skull piggy bank to order pizza. He made a huge case about why they needed pizza, and how since it was his idea he should pay for it. He assured me his favorite babysitter Leah would let him, and I wanted to make sure that me (the cousin) earned rank towards favorite.

    Maybe pizza is a trend here, because a few years back I had family to the house and ordered pizza. Bennett drive in from Evansville and was so excited to pick up Hobo Mickey’s pizza for me, because he knew his mom was going to love it.

    The little acts of kindness, the little moments add up to so many beautiful memories. There are so many more, but these are a few that remind me of his gentle spirit and funny nature. We will miss you forever.

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    Cathy Howard says

    Bennett Supper loved his family! I have shuffled through picture after picture of this kid at family gatherings. Always with a huge smile on his face! Those big eyes (& brows which he likely inherited from the Wells family) were EXPRESSIVE. I love the pictures of him with his cousin Ethan when they were little guys. I still remember Bennett puking on the bean bag in our basement during one of our family soup suppers. As I ran gagging to and from our laundry room (holding my breath) trying to clean it up, Bennett innocently asks “Aunt Cathy have you never puked before?”. I couldn’t breathe so I didn’t answer. We will remember the good times we had with Bennett Good Boy Supper. And tell these stories to his daughter Izzy.

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    Samantha Olmsted says

    I am so sorry for your family’s loss. I didn’t know Will and unfortunately didn’t get a chance to meet him but I do know he was such an amazing friend to my son Chris and they had a true bond and so many good times together.
    Prayers to all of your family at this very sad time.

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    Andrea hart says

    William, I sure do miss your morning wake up calls at 430am. You saying “wakey wakey it’s time to get up” in your funny voice. You telling me about your night while I put my makeup on for work. Seems so silly but my mornings are so different and boring now. You always had funny stories to tell me. I will never forget the one time we was talking and the bird flew in the window while you were driving. You couldn’t wait to show Andrea S the video. You will always be missed. Prayers for the family I know you loved so much.

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William Bennett Supper passed away on May 28, 2023 at the age of 30.  Known as “Bennett” to his family and “Will” to his friends and co-workers, he is survived by his parents, Amy Supper and William J Supper Jr., his sister Olivia Supper, his grandparents Barry and Denise Young, and his daughter Izabella Supper, along with a large extended family of aunts, great-aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Bennett loved his job as a local taxi driver and enjoyed meeting new people in the community.  Bennett was a helper; if anyone needed anything he could provide, he would volunteer to help.  Bennett helped others to move, fixed cars, provided free rides, loaned money, ran errands, or helped to organize someone’s house or yard. Bennett had a particular soft spot for the elderly. He was patient and kind with them, and truly enjoyed listening to their stories. Bennett did not believe in judging people and instead believed that all people deserve to be respected and cared for, no matter their personal situation or circumstances. It was a beautiful part of his personality. 

Bennett knew how to laugh (and had an infectious, distinctive giggle). He was a prankster, loving nothing more than to tell a silly joke or “trick” an unsuspecting family member (his mom being his favorite “target”)! He would laugh and laugh, and that laugh was contagious. He loved comedy (movies and stand-up), playing video games, getting tattoos, taking long drives, and listening to music. Most of all, he loved his friends. Bennett was selective with the people he pulled into his inner circle, but if he called you friend, there was nothing he wouldn’t do to protect that friendship. 

Bennett also loved his family. He often would instigate storytelling to hear family anecdotes and to add his spin to these stories. He was a proud big brother and would tell anyone he met about his talented, artist sister. He loved family get-togethers and made it a priority to attend anytime it was possible. 

Bennett was a loving dad. He adored his five-year-old daughter “Izzy” and was a great “girl-dad.”  He would let her paint his face, made homemade glitter slime with her, took her on walks, taught her to ride a scooter, and was happiest when around her. He was grateful for Izzy’s maternal grandparents, Susie and Phil Stepro, for providing Izzy a safe home and caring for her when he was unable. 

He has a big, loving family who will miss him dearly.

It was a life that was too short; a sometimes imperfect life, but a complete life. 

He will be deeply, forever missed by his friends and family. 

His family has made the decision to delay memorial services at this time. A celebration of life is planned for a future date to allow family and friends to attend and tell those funny stories that he loved so much.