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Braelen Rebecca Hicks-Schaefer ~ Weston Samuel Schaefer

June 13, 1996 - June 4, 2021

Braelen Schaefer - Braelen Rebecca Hicks-Schaefer ~ Weston Samuel Schaefer

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Braelen Rebecca Hicks-Schaefer, 24, passed away on June 4, 2021. She was born in Henderson, Kentucky on June 13, 1996, to Damon Hicks and Jennifer (Duncan) Hood. Following her in passing is her son, Weston Samuel, 1, who passed June 5, 2021. Weston was born to his parents, Stephen and Braelen Schaefer on April 7, 2020, in Henderson, Kentucky.

Braelen was a 5’1” spitfire who liked to have fun. She was one of seven children, which made life that much fuller. She loved to play pranks on her siblings and friends. She had a great, but twisted, sense of humor, that brought many laughs to the family; always the life of the party. Braelen was always such a tomboy. At one time, she almost joined the Marines. She was just about to leave to be sworn in, when her soon-to-be husband, Stephen, went and swept her off her feet and brought her home. Although she loved him dearly, there was one thing that Braelen loved almost just as much, her excavator! Being that she was the determined and hard-working sort, Braelen and Stephen started their own construction company together. But that wasn’t all they created together. On April 7, 2020, a beautiful baby boy came along and changed their world. Weston, “Tank” Samuel was his mommy’s boy. They did everything together. Braelen would even take him and show him how to drive the excavator. He loved trucks and diggers too! Weston looked like his daddy but was just as ornery as his mama. He also loved playing with his many cousins. Braelen and Weston had a very big family, and they all spent so much time together that the memories will always be endless.

Braelen and Weston are survived by husband and father, Stephen Schaefer, in addition to their large family; her parents Jennifer (Thomas) Hood; Damon Hicks; Stephen’s parents, Anne (Jeff) Hargis; Steve Roeder; Braelen’s siblings and Weston’s aunt and uncles Hunter (Taylor) Burnette, Cullen (Olivia) Hicks, Dylan Hood, Duncan Hagemann, Leah Hagemann, Keeara Hicks; Weston’s aunt and uncles on Stephen’s side Josh Roeder, Jacob (Amanda) Roeder, Jake Hargis, Julie (Craig) Adams, Anna Hargis; cousins Eden, and Nolan Hicks, Dawson Burnette, Knox, Harlow, Beau, Raelyn, and Elijah; grandparents to both, Timothy Duncan, Rebecca Fornear, and Richard (Susan) Hicks; and many loving extended family members.

They are preceded in passing by their family dogs, Busch Light and Bourbon; and many family members.

A Celebration of Life will be held in their honor at Sunset Funeral Home on June 13, 2021. Visitation hours are set from 9am to 11am, with the service to immediately follow.

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