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Selecting a reputable funeral home is the most important decision you will make when saying goodbye to someone that you love. If you have recently lost a family member and you want to plan a beautiful funeral, cremation, or memorial, then you need to talk to our team here at Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery. We’ve been offering quality funeral services in Newburgh, IN for many years.

Not only do we focus on the community-centered services, but we are striving to offer the care and compassion that your family needs during this experience. Our complete funeral and cremation packages are designed to reduce your stress. The staff at our funeral home in Newburgh, IN will oversee the details that are needed for the perfect event. You can rest assured to know that you will have support from our team every step of the way.


Budget-Friendly Funeral Services in Newburgh, Indiana

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At Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery, we promise to respect your budget. You are already dealing with a lot of emotions and stress during this experience. Instead of adding to the burden of an expensive funeral bill, our team gives you the freedom to select the services that align with your budget.

How much would you like to spend on the funeral or cremation? We are the only funeral home in Newburgh, IN that offers a detailed price list on the website. You can browse through the services that are available without wondering how much you will be charged for each option. Additionally, we have convenient packages that can be designed to match the preferences of your family.

You will see that we are transparent with our pricing. The low prices are firm, which means that you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs or fees. We know that pricing transparency builds trust. Our goal is to develop a solid relationship with your family. You can rest assured to know that we have your interests in mind.

One of the benefits of pricing transparency is that you have the control to manage the price tag for the event. Set a budget and then choose the services to match that budget. There’s no reason to pay for services that you don’t need or desire. For example, if you choose cremation, then you have the flexibility to choose whether or not you would like to have the body embalmed for a viewing.


Funeral Home In Newburgh INPreserving the Memories of Your Family Member

How can you preserve the cherished memories of your family member? Just because someone passes away, doesn’t mean that the memories aren’t still alive. We offer a Sunset Memories room designed to highlight the memories that you would like to share with guests. In this room, you are welcome to set up memorabilia, photos, and a video presentation that showcases the life that was lived.

Our team is here to assist with the staging of the room. Bring the items that you would like on display, and we can use various stands and accessories that are designed to showcase the items. Our goal is to help you celebrate the story of the person that you love.

We understand that losing a loved one often leads to a natural gathering of friends and family. We provide the facilities that are needed so that you can get together in a comfortable, beautiful environment.

Can I personalize my funeral home service?

Yes, most funeral homes recommend you to do it. A funeral service should be a celebration of life that’s why it’s up to you to personalize it. Our funeral directors are happy to listen to your requests and needs to make your funeral service memorable the way you want it to be.


Funeral Home In Newburgh IndianaPersonalized Solutions or Traditional Funerals

You have the freedom to choose the overall plan that will match your desires. You can choose a service that is as traditional as you would like or implement the personalized services that show the unique traits of the deceased.

Traditions can be helpful to maintain a comfortable experience for everyone in attendance. Personalization can be added in the form of memorabilia or pictures that are on display. Or, you might choose small gifts or photos that are distributed to the people in attendance.

Other options for personalization includes choosing a different location for the funeral or selecting a beautiful destination to scatter the ashes. If you can dream it, then we can create it! Talk to us about the unique services that will fit your plan.


Discover Newburgh, Indiana

Sunset Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Cemetery is proud to offer a funeral home in Newburgh, IN.  If you call Newburgh your home, you can rely on us to keep your loved one in complete care at all times.

Our cremation services in Newburgh, IN include life celebrations, on-site crematory, traditions and religious ceremonies, preplanning, burials, funerals, receptions, and more. Our 24/7 funeral home allows you to have the service you need when you need them the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at a funeral?

The funeral or memorial service can be a very public event attended by family members, relatives, employers, neighbors and even acquaintances. Prayers, prayers, or other burial customs are followed. Since the immediate family will be exhausted, all you need to do is welcome the mourners and offer your condolences briefly. Learn More.

What is pre-planning funeral?

Prepaid funeral plans provide a way for people to pay for their funeral arrangements before they die. It’s about those who want to save their loved ones from having to make choices and endure financial stress when they are mourning. Learn More.

Why do people get cremated?

The main reasons why so many people choose cremation are: family division around the U.S. (non-traditional family nucleus) Increasing acceptance of the cremation process in our society. Eco-consciousness patterns in consumers (do not want to use up precious land with a conventional burial in a cemetery). Learn More.